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Selfcare Beginner


5-part mini-course to get a taste of it



Emails with exciting facts and exercises on selfcare

PDF files with the most important information

Audio files with exercises

More abundance in 28 days

329 €

This course helps you to get out of the lack of thinking and feeling of lack.

A lack

(regardless of whether it is fear, stress, overload, problems, you lack attention, time, whatever ...)

always exists inside you first and that is exactly our starting point in this course.


You will learn how it comes to this and why you do not perceive it in yourself but in the outside first

and get tools at hand to target the opposite of deficiency:

the abundance.

I will accompany you for half an hour every day for 28 days so that your inner weaker self is good and you reach your goal:

a transformed life!


You get:

  • Intense (online) coaching with the best tools

  • PDF files for reading the most important content

  • Audio exercises

  • Daily exercises

  • Members area with all documents / files

  • 1 x 60 minutes personal / online coaching
    (with an individual appointment)

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