You only see well with the heart,
the essential is invisible to the eyes.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
I show you...
  • how easy your life is when you follow your heart

  • how much more energy, fun and joy you get from it

  • how you can gain clarity about your own thoughts and emotions and act accordingly

  • how you can achieve strength, health and success through harmony of heart and mind

I am...

... Germany's first mental-emotional coach,

expert in relaxation

and NLP practitioner.


With my coaching I offer wellness for the heart, soul and mind!


I touch people's hearts and encourage them to follow their hearts!


Daniela, who I have known for many years and carefully follow her career steps, took a lot of time to advise me. Through her good planning she created a suitable setting in which she then dealt with my topics very individually and with care. In doing so, she brought in creative ideas and solutions that were and are easy to implement for me. In addition to their great wealth of knowledge, their intuition and “gut feeling” create a lot of valuable things. I am very grateful that I was able to work with her on my path of development and healing. And “working” felt more like a relaxing conversation.

Gerda Wanke

I can recommend the selfcare course as a careful introduction to more self-awareness. Afterwards, Daniela coaches with her warm, empathetic manner.

Manuela Darshan Piara Bhatti

- yoga teacher, artist


Especially in the current time, think about a variety of topics, whether privately or professionally.

When you have a lot to decide, organize or weigh up, it helps when you can focus clearly and learn to pay attention to the environment, but also to yourself.

How do you deal with all the thoughts, how do they affect you and how do you clean up the flow of thoughts in order to be more balanced?
This 5-part "Selfcare" mini course helped me to better process the thoughts that arise from the daily environment for me. It is easier for me to see how or what kind of thoughts I let go of or how I deal with them so that I can keep my balance.

The practical exercises enable you to make it "more tangible" (understandable) for yourself. It worked very well.

Lars-Peter Bienert

I had the wonderful experience of taking advantage of coaching with her. It quickly and deliberately resolved a blockage that had been strongly manifested since my childhood. Since then I have felt a lot lighter and more carefree. We were able to completely eliminate the topic in just one session. That's how I know Daniela: structured, efficient and the right tool at the right time.

Thank you so much!!!

Sonja Behling

- Naturopath, health and nutrition therapist, Franchimani naturopathy